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Bulk Coconut Flour – A healthy injection to any recipe

March 31, 2019

Bulk Coconut Flour – A healthy injection to any recipe

Coconut flour is one of the lesser-known forms of coconut, but it acts as a versatile and highly nutritious alternative to wheat flour and nut-based flours such as almond. As a low carbohydrate flour, it is ideal for baking in both sweet and savoury dishes, and a great choice for food manufacturers who are seeking to create gluten-free, paleo food products.

Bulk Coconut Flour – What is it and how is it used?
Coconut flour is the dried flesh from a coconut, ground down into a fine powder. The coconut meat is removed from the coconut shell, strained and separated from the milk, and then baked at a low temperature until it becomes completely dry. The resulting product is then finely ground to produce a flour that is purely made of coconut.

Bulk coconut flour is highly absorbent, therefore extra liquid (eg. eggs or water) may be required if it is being used as a substitute for wheat-based flour. The upside is that only a small amount of coconut milk is required to produce a delicious sweet or savoury dish.

Here are some common uses for coconut flour:

– Breadcrumbs substitute
– Pizza crust
– Wraps
– Thickener for soups
– Bread

– Buns
– Pancakes
– Muffins
– Cupcakes
– Brownies
– Crepes

Why use coconut flour compared with other flour alternatives?

Coconut flour is widely considered as more nutritious than wheat-based flour as it is less processed and does not require fortification. Almond flour is another popular alternative, as it is high in nutrients and also gluten-free. Coconut flour is, however, higher in fibre and lower in calories than the almond equivalent. Plus it is nut-free, making it a safe choice for those with nut allergies.

Bulk coconut flour – What are the health benefits?

The health benefits of coconut flour are very impressive, and are increasingly sought-after by health-conscious consumers:

1. High in fibre – The meat of the coconut is extremely high in fibre. In fact, it supplies over 60% of dietary fibre. This fibre helps move toxins and waste along the digestive track.
2. Aids digestive health – Coconut flour is nutrient dense, to help maintain gut health.
3. Boosts metabolism – Coconut flour contains large amounts of medium chain saturated fats (MCFA), which the body can use for energy.
4. Assists in maintaining stable blood sugar levels – As a low glycemic food, coconut flour help maintain steady blood sugar levels. This is incredibly important for diabetics and people aiming to maintain a healthy body weight.

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