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Hemp Oil

June 16, 2020

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil extract has been extracted from the stalk and/or seed of a hemp plant, which consists low levels of THC. However, hemp consist of high levels of other beneficial cannabinoids (For instance Cannabidiol), which may promote relaxation and calming effects in the body.

In recent past, after conducting so many researches, researchers have starting to realize the true therapeutic power of these plants and their derivatives. They have discovered that whole-plant hemp extracts that contain these other compounds are more beneficial than isolated extracts of just Cannabidiol (CBD) or THC, due to a phenomenon called "the entourage effect.

Despite, CBD has attracted more attention from researchers and experts for its potential to improve health and wellbeing, though studies are still underway to fully understand the possible benefits from CBD.

  1. Hemp oil extract

Hemp oil extract has been extracted from the stalk and/or seed of a hemp plant, mainly for its beneficial compounds, called Phytocannabinoids. Hemp oil is rich in CBD, along with a nutritious balance of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids and linoleic acid. These are essential fats that our bodies need to function properly.

  1. Hemp seed oil

This is oil that has been extracted from hemp seeds. Unlike hemp oil, hemp seed oil contains little-to-no CBD and is instead extracted for its healthy fatty acid profile. It is typically used for culinary purposes as well as to promote healthy skin, nails, and hair.

Since hemp became legal for food in Australia last year, it has become a favourite super food with its outstanding nutrition, flavour and texture. Hello Pure have partnered with Leawood, providing quality hemp hearts and hemp oil for retail consumers in Australia. The best food-grade hemp, imported from Canada could be used in any of your meal, from breakfast to dinner, and for delicious snacks. Hemp Oil is an essential culinary delight, which is perfect for salad dressing, and you can sprinkle Hemp Hearts on spaghetti, mushrooms or lamb cutlets, or blend them into a milkshake

Hemp Oil Benefits

Studies on the effects of CBD in hemp oil have shown some promising results, including:

  • Better Sleep: CBD can have a mild relaxing effect that may support improved sleep without causing drowsiness. According to other research, phytocannabinoids do not negatively affect sleep cycles and can enhance REM sleep, the most restorative phase of sleep.
  • Reduced Stress: CBD may provide an overall sense of comfort that helps people wind down and recharge after a difficult day.
  • Support healthy immune function: The endocannabinoid system closely interacts with and supports healthy immune function. In fact, immune cells have cannabinoid receptors and even secrete their own endocannabinoids and have a transport system for these chemicals.
  • Decreased Inflammation: CBD has been shown to naturally help against inflammation, though again, more studies are needed to verify these claims. Inflammation is responsible for the pain, swelling, and discomfort in musculoskeletal disorders like arthritis and gout.
  • Improved Mood: A daily serving of CBD may offer a general sense of euphoria without any of the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

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