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Organic Coconut Chips – A healthier snack

February 17, 2019

Organic Coconut Chips – A healthier snack

There is an increasing amount of evidence to suggest that a healthy lifestyle begins with an organic kitchen. We are seeing an upward trend in Australia towards healthier eating with a preference for organic products and healthier lifestyles as Australian eating habits change. With more and more Australia’s looking for healthy snack options. Franklands foods is proud to be suppling Australian’s with delicious and nutritious coconut products that are low in carbohydrates, a great source or protein and fibre, vegan friendly, dairy free and free from nasties and preservatives.

Nutritious Organic Coconut Chips.

For people suffering with dairy intolerance or those on a gluten free diet, organic coconut chips are a hearty nutritious snack that you can indulge in without having to worry that you’ll feel bloated and end up with a swollen belly for the rest of the day. They are wheat free, dairy free and are a great alternative to baked snacks, chocolate bars, and muesli bars that often include wheat, butter, sugars, preservatives, additives and other nasty fillers. Better yet, you can indulge in these delicious coconut chips without blowing your daily calorie intake in one serve, and their low glycaemic index means they help promote health blood sugar levels.

They are a great wholesome treat for the whole family. Simply adding unsweetened organic coconut chips to your cooking or baked goods or even your favourite yogurt is a great way to increase your vitamin and mineral intake as well as helping you increase your fibre intake. Unsweetened coconut supports your digestive system and helps you feel satisfied and fuller for longer. They are rich in essential nutrients including magnesium and iron.

Organic Coconut Chips to satisfy your flavour craving

Flavoured organic coconut chips are such a versatile snack you can eat them on the go, pack them into your kid’s lunch boxes or nibble on them at work right at your desk. Next time you feel like a snack instead of settling for a sugar fix or a fried snack, satisfy your craving with some flavour packed organic coconut chips. Go for the healthier alternative with a plant based whole food. With lots of different flavours to choose from including, sweet, salty, raw or toasted, these flavour packed goodies are sure to satisfy your tastebuds and your tummy.

Want to try our new flavoured organic coconut chips range?

Franklands Foods are launching their new organic coconut chip range at the Fine Foods Australia Exhibition. Look for the Franklands stand at the show and try out our new Hello Pure flavoured organic coconut chip range.

You can find us as Stand 22 (S22) Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from September 10-13th You can register here for the Fine Foods Expo.  Come and enjoy some delicious free samples, tell us what your favourite flavour is and find out more about our new product range and well as discovering the latest in food trends, technology and product innovations at the show. We’d love to see you there.