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Exploring Sri Lanka's Coconut Triangle: Peter Kuruvita's Journey with Hello Pure

August 26, 2023

Exploring Sri Lanka's Coconut Triangle: Peter Kuruvita's Journey with Hello Pure

Imagine Peter Kuruvita, the celebrated chef and ambassador for Hello Pure organic virgin coconut products, exploring the legendary Coconut Triangle of Sri Lanka, revealing the rich history of a land steeped in coconut cultivation. His recent voyage to the Hello Pure organic coconut plantation was a captivating journey of education and discovery. From the generational family-owned organic plantation to the state-of-the-art processing facility, the heart of the experience was an immersive exploration of virgin coconut processing— an art form in itself.

A 2-hour drive from bustling Colombo, Peter arrived at the 200-hectare Frankland’s Estate plantation, Veyangoda, in the heart of the coconut triangle. A tour of the family’s plantation culminated in the honourable ceremony of planting a baby coconut tree to represent new life, hope, growth and continuity.

Lunch in the original family home, was followed by a tour of the three BRC credited facilities which has the capacity to process over 25,000 nuts/day into Coconut Cream, Coconut Milk, and various types of Desiccated Coconut. Hello Pure’s organic virgin coconuts are also transported to other facilities to produce other products such as their traditional Organic Coconut Milk Powder, Organic Vegan Coconut Milk Powder, Virgin Coconut Oil, and more.

From harvest to packaged perfection, the journey unfurled before Peter’s eyes: Plantation to Processing: As the journey commenced, Dedicated plantation workers hand-pick mature coconuts and deliver directly to the processing facilitates.

From Husk to Heart: The outer husk surrendered, unveiling the hard shell underneath which is skinned to reveal prized treasure within - the coconut meat, ready to be processed into a myriad of culinary ingredients.

Extracting the Magic: Crushing the meat into a fine consistent texture ensues, to be transformed into coconut milk, cream or dried for desiccated coconut and vegan coconut powder. The first-pressed cream is sterile heat treated to turn the extracted cream into culinary gold of varying degrees of fat content.

Creamy Revelations: Extracting the coconut cream, Peter saw first-hand the alchemy that transforms humble ingredients into culinary gold. The first-pressed cream is sterile heat treated to produce varying degrees of fat content – a versatile ingredient in cuisines across the globe.

Packaging & Distribution: The luscious coconut cream and milk, and freshly grated and dried desiccated coconut is packaged on site, ensuring the quality and freshness Hello Pure is renowned for, before heading to customers across Australia, USA , Europe and Middle East.


An education in sustainability, even the shells are used to fire the boilers in the factory, Peter Kuruvita's visit uncovered the symphony within a single virgin coconut. Hello Pure's commitment to the local community could be seen throughout his journey through local employment, opportunities for people with special needs, and investment in health and education services. This resonated deeply with Peter’s strong social ethics, ensuring a partnership Peter is proud to support.

So, as you savour Hello Pure's organic coconut creations, remember the journey— one that celebrates tradition, purity, community, sustainability, and the whispering palms that stand witness.